We sell pre-isolated pipesystems
  • District heating pipes (steel, PEX, PEX DW, copper, AluPlex)
  • District cooling pipes
  • Steam pipes - max 250˚C
  • Industrial pipes (oils, petroleum, fuels)
  • Freezing device pipes (ammonia, freon)
  • Food industry pipes (milk, beer, oil)
We conduct speciality trainings for
  • Draftsmen
  • Engineers
  • Site managers
  • Constructors
We provide general contracting of construction
  • Project Management
  • Organizing project design
  • Organizing construction
  • Delivery of materials

We offer consultation services

  • We can help designers, constructors and purchasing managers with technical advice and optimization for finding the most efficient solutions
  • Consultation service for all related technical questions that may arise in the course of construction